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Correct Site™ Tattoos, Stickers and Wristband
Tattoos and stickers for marking the correct surgical site prior to surgery.

  • A simple way to mark the correct surgical site while complying with The Joint Commission and AORN recommendations
  • Enhance your marking procedure by using a sticker along with a SANDEL skin marker
  • Stickers have a signature line for the patient
  • Tattoos remain legible for up to a week
  • Directions are printed on the tattoo backing and on each package

Download Sandel's new pamphlet (in PDF format) Wrong Site Surgeries, an easy to read, condensed version of what you need to know about OSHA, The Joint Commission and CMS regulations and standards. As well as how to analyze the real cost of those injuries.

Wrong-site, wrong-procedure, wrong-patient surgery.
Correct Site™ Tattoos and Stickers.

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  Item# Product Name Description Packaging Case
3175 Correct Site™ Stickers Large (3" diameter) Green & White Circle Tattoo with Signature Line for Patient 100/bag 1 bag/Cs 100
3176 Correct Site™ Stickers Small (1" diameter) Green & White Circle Tattoo 100/bag 1 bag/Cs 100
3177 Correct Site™ Wristband Green Wristband 100/bag 1 bag/Cs 100
3186 Correct Site™ Tattoo Small (1" diameter) Green & White Circle Tattoo 50/bag 5 bags/Cs 250
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