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A bright orange cord cover designed to reduce trips and falls caused by unseen cords and tubes on the floor.

Trip-No-More™ Cord Alert

  • Distinctive in its bright orange color and easily recognizable
  • Serves as a "beacon" so healthcare personnel know where floor cords and tubes are located.
  • The Trip-No-More™ features adhesive strips to keep it in place. It is easy to apply, easy to remove and leaves no residue.
  • Disposable

Download Sandel's new pamphlet (in PDF format) Employee Slips, Trips and Falls, an easy to read, condensed version of what you need to know about OSHA, The Joint Commission and CMS regulations and standards. As well as how to analyze the real cost of those injuries.

Tripping hazards on the workplace floor
Trip-No-More™ Cord Alert
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  Item# Product Name Description Packaging Case
2302 Trip-No-More™ Cord Alert (8" x 24") 25/Bag 3 Bags/Cs 75
Order Sample
2303 Trip-No-More™ Cord Alert (8" x 36") 25/Bag 3 Bags/Cs 75
2309 Trip-No-More™ Cord Alert (8" x 125' Roll) 1 Roll/Cs 1
2312 Trip-No-More™ Cord Alert (8" x 24") (Glow in the dark) 75/Cs 75
2313 Trip-No-More™ Cord Alert (8" x 36") (Glow in the dark) 75/Cs 75